Nov 1, 2010

Think before u regret dear

You can say whatever you want dear. I won't let someone hurting you like i hurting you yesterday. Every day and night i pray for you. Maybe Allah is testing me right now. I don't know my destiny but it hurts deep inside me. I know its happen real one.
You act differently like i met u yesterday. Your attitude, body-shape, and all positive things turn to nega. But only your smiles and eyebrows still never change darling. haha.
I'm only watching you from sky that u never knows. Once you hurt, please don't tell me because i know it already. I'm waiting for the day that u returns in my arm. And i aims to keep that way.
Tolong lah kalau benci aku pon, jangan dok bagi orang lain marah. Tambah-tambah kawan rapat aku...zz

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