Nov 28, 2010

Abah apad ;-)

Did i grow up according to your plan? I think it is not yeah. Hmm. I know. But, everything that i messed up because i wanna to make u feel proud of me.

Did you know that you used to be my hero? I can see on your eyes that u pretend to be perfect. Please don't pretend anymore abah because you the almost perfect one for me ;-)

Did you hate me like you hate those backstabbers? naahh, i take the answer no. You loved me like you loves mama right? apad tahu abah.

Are you like to talk to me?a conversation maybe? Our conversation may have seemed like a random conversation between a father and his child, but yours was too big deeper into my heart which always been there a very interesting view on my life.

Apapon yang abah buat, abah memang terbaik. Apad bersyukur ada abah, orang lain x da daddy yang macam abah. Lagi menduka citakan, abah diorang telah meninggal dunia. Selagi apad masih berkesempatan, apad nak abah rasa bangga ada anak macam apad. I hope i can see your smile always abah. amin~ ;)

1 comment:

  1. amin..
    hargailah abah apad selagi dia masih ada..
    syg dia.. jgn sesekali lukakan hati dia.. apad bertuah sbb still ada abah.. tp mira... :'(