Feb 9, 2011


Everyday my confusion grows, it's what nobody know except Allah. It's actually not a problem of mine but it's a problem i find. Naaahh, living the life that I can't leave behind is impossible things.

I feel fine, i feel good, i feel like i never should 'be' with her. Do you know what i'm gonna to tell you? Of course it is about a miracle love. I dont know what i'm into her actually. I'm not sure what this could mean. I DO admit to myself that she is the one for me. I DO love her always. And i DO HATE her because she makes me wants her very bad.

I just dont know what to say. Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday? i DO admit that everytime i see you falling i will get on my knees and pray. I was lost. Yeah, I was lost. I'm scared, i'm weak, tired and under prepared. But I have made my self for a better one. Some says that not worth for her, i deserves more like she was. But i'm still with my supper-dupper-ultra-mega objective, to win her heart back!! My line that I couldn't change! and I will wait for here hoping that she will back in my arm.

How long must i wait for it? How long must i pay for it? i never know what He must has a great planning for me. I will never stop fighting for what i want in life because the reward is at the end of my journey. I'm just keeping my faith to Him. My great sis, Farzana Ariffin, says every love story begin with good plot, climax with bad one and ending with a great love! dan apad percaya apa yang akak cakap tuh ;)

i will win her heart back if I could be who she wanted all the time.

Gone insane from the pain that he surely knows,


  1. haha. jangan nak pelat sangat lah kann.
    u pray for her. n i'll pray for u ;)

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