Oct 3, 2010

My heart beating faster again like i saw her at PLKN before...

12pm at GIANT - I saw her wearing a pink t-shirt, a long track bottom one with pink stripes.. She not wearing her tudung and wearing her spectacle. She with her brother who drivin a red car. I felt sad because i can't met her face-to-face. I'm not strong enough. If i met her just now, she will keep distant from me. If i have a dagger like the prince of persia one, i will turns time to the past to do a right things on my way of loves and my behaviour. Sumpah!, i love her and i'm still loving her. Only Allah knows my feeling ;(


  1. steady2.! if u stil love her,, dun u ever let her go..

  2. fuck you
    duk bt nampak boleh

  3. until when? move on!